Guthrie Music Library


How would you like to part of our new era at GUTHRIE MUSIC RENTAL?

Maestro Guthrie bequeathed his entire collection of musical scores to the library so future generations could enjoy live musical performances. However, these treasures must be maintained or they will decay with time.

The library is already over 40 years old and has made thousands of rentals. Now we need your help to preserve Maestro Guthrie’s legacy for the future.

Look through our catalog and choose a favorite composer, symphony, opera, even simply a piece of music or a conductor’s score. You can help us either mend or replace that piece to it can be available for rent. All borrowers will know of your contribution thanks to a bookplate we’ll put on the score with your name.

To ADOPT-A-PART contact us at: 909.889.7984 or email us at